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Missions through Research

  • International Institute for Religious Freedom (Partner: World Evangelical Alliance)
  • Study program with a major in Islam, together with the Institute for Islamic Studies (German Evangelical Alliance)
  • Institute for Life and Family Studies
  • Institute for Crisis, Dying, and Grief Counseling
  • Institute for Pastoral Care
  • Theologians Network, Hope for Europe

Our Orientation

  • Complete trust in the reliability of the Bible
  • Building on reformation theology and ethics
  • Based on the confession of the Albanian Evangelical Alliance (VUSH)
  • Open for innovations in the Kingdom of God
  • The Bible
  • Ethics and basic theology
  • Missions
  • The Church


  • For the basic level: 180 Bologna-Credits
  • For the advanced level: 120 additional credits
  • Both old and new teaching methods: All day seminars, independent study, tutorials, mentoring, term papers, etc.

Our Structure

    • 13 study centers in 7 countries with local partners
    • 7 research programs and institutes
    • Commissioned by the WEA, EEA
    • Member of the Albanian EA

Our Desires

    • To offer quality theological education in areas where there is not yet a developed evangelical infrastructure
    • To reduce the migration of future workers for the Kingdom of God to parts of the world where there are already evangelical schools and institutions
    • These desires motivate our efforts in Turkey, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil, Germany, and Albania.

Our Style

  • Innovative
  • Relevant to society
  • International
  • Research oriented
  • Interdisciplinary

What we want

What Do We Want Martin Bucer Seminary To Be?

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